What if AI could help young parents make the right choices?
What if we could have an app that knows us and our preferences better than ourselves?
What if we could help people do good deeds?
What if we could incentivize the fact that we improve our everyday habits?

BFCG is a lab in which we are working today on good solutions for a better future!

*Pop-in is a BFCG Brand


Pop-in is a parenting assistant that profiles both parents and kids and gives the accurate piece of advice whenever required.

Pop-in is a conversational intelligence (chatbot) using NLP and machine learning but it will soon be a voice interface capable of emotion recognition.

Launch on the French market, Q4 2019.

Light Me Up

Innovation Studio:

Start living innovation instead of talking about it!

We can help you accelerate because we are:

# Startup mentors
# Innovation architects
# Digital transformers
# Prospective and change management wizards

How so?

We are all repeat entrepreneurs from France that have lived long and meaningful experiences abroad that have to do with innovation, whether it was with tech startups or big corporate companies.

We use lean startup, BM canvas, design thinking, value prop design and google ventures’ design sprint among other things! Most of all we believe in collective intelligence, test and learn, fast prototyping and co-creation workshops.

*Light Me Up is a BFCG Brand

*BFCG Corporate is a BFCG Brand

BFCG Corporate

We are a chatbot and conversational devices specialist. We also create intelligent apps and new ways of communicating using AI and cutting hedge new technologies for our clients, mostly in banking, mobility and media industries.

BFCG corporate is also a digital boutique: our clients come to us for digital communication strategy, sales dev strategy, international sales strategy.

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